Contributions by Asad

Harry Lightbulb Versus World War Three

Asad’s Manifesto

Hello good people of Hackney!

We must show what we are capable of. We care about leaders that pull us back on deck. We hope one day at least we follow our ideas and let out our creativity be free, or discover anything. But forget about that. We show our capability with the world. We show our ideas to get better ideas, but most importantly, never let anybody get in your way. Because if someone stands in your way, they will spoil your dreams and make you feel like a rotten rhubarb inside! But one of the most common things about a leader is your voice. So if you have a potent voice, this is your chance! Do you have a potent voice? This is your chance, so stand up to whoever you want. But on one condition, stand up to a little group of people so after they might support you.