Contributions by Astrid

CiCi Versus Lord Dominos

Astrid’s Manifesto

Pirates of the world, gather round. We pirates believe that leaders should inspire those around them. Furthermore, we want to live in a world where leaders are always honest with each other. To add to that, whatever is scary, once you try it, you will get over your fears. We deeply care about never giving up. You should never give up because you will always doubt yourself. On top of that, we pirates also think that you should always challenge yourself, so your accommodating teacher knows you are capable to do your lesson. Here’s what we know for sure, never disagree on an idea that is relevant to your subject. What about the future? You would never want to let anyone down. Importantly, if you’re a teacher, you should always have your lessons planned out. We embrace that you should always encourage your team-mates like friends and also have teamwork. It is important to remember that you should make sure that everyone in your group understands. We should consider that you should always have respect towards teachers, parents or other people. Never turn your back on your team-mates because it’s rude, selfish and unkind. Always remember you have people by your side!