Contributions by Bilal

Dr Ice Cream Man Versus DJB

Bilal’s Manifesto

We want to live in a world where our leaders are not as lazy as Homer Simpson; they are as energetic as Iron Man and Captain Atomic, and reach out to others like the Fantastic Four.

We want nothing more than a Captain who is loud like a lion but who helps people. Most of all we care about people who are not as violent as a helicopter crashing down to earth.

We want people to be good, caring, hard-working and full of ideas. They should inspire other people like Shakespeare does, and be trustworthy, like Captain America is. They should be good role models. If they’re not good role models, how are people going to learn from them?

Here’s what we know for sure, Captains should be good teachers to people in need.

We will show the world how virtuous and vivacious we can be.

Be like a wild lion so he can save his cubs!