Contributions by Bola

Blackjack the Brave Cat

Bola’s Manifesto

Don’t give up because of small, minor things and always try, try and try again.

Be as brave as a lion, the king of the jungle, respected by all so that people can listen to you and you can make the place bigger and better.

Be overcoming, like a duckling learning to swim for the first time so that when something scary is there, you can overcome it without holding back.

Be achieving, like a bird who successfully learnt to fly so that you can always achieve hard things.

Include everyone so they can all learn new things and develop ideas.

We believe in being as careful as a crocodile. They care for their babies when they hatch, but are fierce when hunting. Choose carefully about what you choose and decide to do.

We want to live in a wonderful world where everyone is truthful so nothing goes wrong.

Lastly but most importantly, always be proud like a lion and resistant to obvious obstacles.