Contributions by Bradley

Jerice Versus Antisocial Behaviour

Bradley’s Manifesto

I’m a leader Rap God.
We embrace wise people who are clever, respectful
and listen to others.
We want to live in a world with no hazardous people,
or have Godzilla and a tornado come at the same time
at night.
We feed off international leaders like John Cena, who
never gives up.
We embrace leaders who are intelligent and have
qualities like Bill Gates. Bill Gates contributes a lot to
charities. This is an excellent quality for our future
We want nothing more than somebody who will never
give up on us!
“We will show the world that we don’t have to live in
violence. Instead we will encourage positivity and
Do you want to be a peaceful leader like me?
Do you want to be magnificent like a magician? Be
wise and choose someone who will move our world
forward and not backwards.