Contributions by Christina

Hazel The Spy

Christina’s Manifesto

We care deeply about a leader who ponders as deeply as the ocean. Why? Because if you say the wrong thing people will think it’s offensive. You don’t want people to be sad do you? 

Here’s what we know for sure – we don’t want a leader that is dishonest. Because if you tell lies and someone finds out they might be angry. We don’t want to live in a world where people lie like Donald Trump. 

We feed off asking questions because leaders need to ask questions. They need to ask questions to know what’s going on. 

We embrace kind, merry, fair, clear and brave leaders. We don’t want leaders that are grumpy, mean,selfish and scared. 

We hope one day to get rid of all leaders that are as threatening as a roaring lion, and as spiteful as a wicked witch.We care deeply about compassionate, friendly and jovial people.