Contributions by Christine

Lydia And The Bake Sale


Christine’s Manifesto

We think about our people first! This is what our leaders should be like! We deeply care about the type of leader we have and we want our leaders to listen to the people that they are leading. We want our leaders to be kind, courageous and caring to be an inspiration to their people!

We want our leaders to respect our views, we want our leaders to look to the future and make good decisions for their people. Is that how you would want the world’s leaders to be?
We want our leaders to be confident and take risks and do the best for their people so they can be strong and independent.

We want our leaders to speak in a way that other people understand and to get their point across in a positive way. We want people to be happy with the actions that our leaders make!

Do you want the world to know that you are a great leader? If so stand up and join the Hackney Pirates today!