Contributions by Elif D

Zelif And The Cold Winter

Elif’s Manifesto

Dear Leaders,

Here’s what you shouldn’t do:

A leader shouldn’t be greedy because a greedy leader will want everything to be theirs which would mean they are selfish. Also you wouldn’t want to be a leader like this .You wouldn’t want a leader to be bossy too!!! If a leader bosses a person around, leaders should know how to boss them nicely.

Here’s what a leader should do:

One of the things that a good leader should do is help people because that is part of their job. Also a good leader should be kind to people and if a leader does this, everyone will respect the leader. A leader should be very serious too because if the leader doesn’t be serious the country will fall down. We   believe in a leader that is very hard working so we can make sure that the country is popular and stronger. I wish you do understand me leaders.

Thank you for listening.