Contributions by Hanan

The Success Of The Monster

Hanan’s Manifesto

We hope that one day we will push ourselves in every way. Beautiful, brilliant leaders have a great way of living. We work hard in a fun and educational way. We want nothing but to make our parents, teachers and all our loved ones happy.

Everyone believes in their own leader. We want to live in a world where we have people who are kind and supportive. We care deeply about our education .

We hope to one day that we will be a hardworking leader. We embrace all our hard work and apologies. We feed off these haters and cruel jealousy some people may have.

We believe in all our targets that we will reach. My own and personal leader is my mum because she helps me in whatever I do and pushes me to the work hard and achieve what my targets are.

No matter what you do or how you are treated you are still a leader for at least one person in the world. A leader is proud as a follower’s target!!!