Contributions by Hassan

Sensei Wu Saves The Environment

Hassan’s Manifesto

WE BELIEVE… that this world has to survive or you might not have a normal life. DO YOU WANT TO SUFFER TO… COMPLETE DEATH as soon as you are born? We all can hear the effect of harmful and horrible happenings, like you were in danger, screaming loudly. We can feel that this world is about to end… We will and have to take this seriously or you will not be here!!! You could save this world if only you… cared about this picturesque sphere that now is turning to an end!!! It is your responsibility to make this a better place for yourself!!!

Is this the world you will live in? We all know that we will die soon, but do you want to have a small, microscopic life? It is your time to make your decision. When you hear the sad effect on this world, you are about to feel the end of it. It shouldn’t be an end; it should continue through lots of generations!! This is not a world for only humans. We shouldn’t be selfish as we don’t own this world for ourselves. There are animals living on this world we live in. This world has to be fair, or you might be poor and someone else might be rich and mean. This world is not the case for unfairness. The selfish ideas in people’s brains should stop. We shouldn’t be eager and impatient; if you were waiting for something you want but isn’t important, that is not what the world is for. We should help each other and if we unite together this world might not suffer to an end.