Contributions by Jared

Lebron James Versus The World

Jared’s Manifesto

To everybody all over the world,

We would want a leader to be: persevering, jubilant and ecstatic. If Lebron James was selected as the next president, I would be expect him to be kind to others, to love his neighbours as much as himself.

People would want a president to be as mighty as a lion so that nothing can put him down. He would be encouraging to make sure that people can have a brighter future.

A great leader must be: polite, powerful and potent. A president should be a rock for his people. Boom, bang, lights, camera and action! Here is our new president Lebron James, who is fair, fun and fantastic. Would you want Lebron James to be our new President? We need a strong leader to move our world forward and not backwards.