Contributions by Jeremy

An Alien Invasion: Time Come In To Call Professor Rackson

Jeremy’s Manifesto

We want to live in a world where there are no leaders who are ruthless. We want to show that leaders must be trusted and not lie. We are looking for leaders that are gold hearted. So the new generation we are looking for will grow to a future where there are no dangerous leaders. We hope that one day this marvellous day will become true. We don’t need to use violence for this to happen, only passion and time. We care deeply about people who are suffering from bad leaders. So now we Hackney Pirates want to show that we are special. We are working as hard as an elephant to not make a horrible future of penniless sadness. So we want to grow that new generation that we all dream of. Now we want to know if you want to make this happen? We want nothing more than to make this future happen.