Contributions by Lilly

Tobia Takes To The Stage

Lilly’s Manifesto

We hope to one day that our company accommodated by an amazing leader and a leader who is talented and who we look up to. Do you want to be treated badly? If you are abusive, sexist or rude people will not like you as a leader. Barack Obama has showed and inspired people to be like him, most people don’t want to be like Donald Trump do you? Donald Trump has horrible ideas.

Persevere is important to being a good leader. You have to persevere, you have to be like an ice-skater; when you fall you have to get back up again. Fairness is important, if you are not being fair, your young pirates will be unhappy and feel left out, I don’t like that feeling do you? It is a horrible feeling.

When you become a leader you feel proud. As a leader, you will embrace the fact that people have chosen you to be a leader. People notice you as a brilliant leader and has put their hands into yours. Some people may not like you, so this is a chance for you to show everyone that you deserve to be a leader.