Contributions by Maryam

Barry Allen And The Idea

Maryam’s Manifesto

We want to live in a world where leaders are very compassionate about their work. I think this is important because they would never want their helpers or pirates to give up and they would also want them to be very compassionate about what they do for a living. We embrace that leaders are strong because we would want ourselves to be like the other strong leaders out in the world such as: Beyonce, Justin Bieber and so on. We would show the world that leaders take risks because they want the best for themselves and others. I think leaders should take a leap of faith once in a while.

We want more than anything for leaders to show dedication. To make them believe in themselves; we would want more than to show the world how amazing leaders are. They would show us respect, if we show them respect. They would also be brave and creative by doing something that nobody has ever done before. They would do anything that helps people and also anything that supports something that they themselves feel is right.