Contributions by Muhanad

Coporay Versus The Foo Brothers

Muhanad’s Manifesto

Dear People of the world,

I am here today to teach you all the knowledge I can give you in the time I have. You should be patient like a phoenix waiting for the prey to come out of his burrow. Listen to all, but always make rational decisions in the right times. Be open-minded. Explore the knowledge of the world, wanting to improve like a hunter trying to survive. Do you even know what inspiring is? Have you even inspired people? Why do you think people are happy? Give people a reason to be proud of themselves. Be creative like a shining moon in the star-lit sky. Let people know you have ideas as well. Let people believe in you as if you were a dazzling knight in armour. My time is finished, see you in the afterlife.

See you later. The master of Hogglewort School Muhanad the king of the world.