Contributions by Omar

The Secret File

Omar’s Manifesto

We believe that leaders should be as hard working as a harpy eagle trying to catch its prey in the gigantic Amazon. We hope one day to have an experienced leader, one with great communication skills to deliver the right message to the people. Leaders need to persuade their people to care about the poor and needy. Leaders should never lose their temper and never threaten someone and never argue with the person who believes in them. They wouldn’t believe in you anymore if you did this. We will show the world that a leader should be as intelligent as an eight armed octopus.

Do you want to become a fun and fascinating leader?

Do you remember Catlin Moran? She is a brilliant writer and journalist. Her most powerful influence on people is writing books about feminism, quality and politics.

She is confident; she listens and she empathises. That is what leadership should be.

Bang! Any future leaders who are trying their best out there like creepy cats – I salute you!