Contributions by Sarayah

Nation And The Missing Dress

Sarayah’s Manifesto

We believe in people who never give up. We care deeply about people. We embrace every child and welcome them on board. We hope one day that people will get inspired by Hackney Pirates. Do you?

At Hackney Pirates we embrace hard work. We will show the world how intelligent Hackney Pirates are.

A leader that I admire is Serena Williams because she is an inspiration. Serena Williams is a careful, unique, inspiring person that gives inspiration to other people.

Serena Williams will never get upset if she loses in matches.

Serena Williams will never give up.

Another leader that I admire is Michelle Obama, because she is very graceful.

When I look at Michelle Obama she gives me hope for the world.

Michelle Obama will stand out in the crowd. In addition, Michelle Obama gives wonderful speeches that will move other people.