Contributions by Siloam

Martin And Nitram Lose Their Powers

Siloam’s Manifesto

Do you want to be a phenomenal, fearless and faithful leader? If you do then listen to me!

We embrace a wise prince, and we believe in a respectful king.

We want to live in a world where there is no danger and we will show the world that we will never give up like JOHN
CENA (you can’t see me)

We hope one day that we will be brave like a gracious
gorilla that’s 15 feet tall.

We care deeply about our leaders that are proud of what
they’re doing.

Here’s what we know for sure: we won’t be hazardous like a
volcano, BOOM! That would erupt and explode, BASH!
CRASH! In someone’s face.

Our favourite leaders show respect:

R espectful
E motional
S elf-aware
P assionate
E xceptional
C urious
T errific

Thank you for listening! by a secret friend.