Contributions by Tianya

Evan Versus Nothing

Tianya’s Manifesto

You can be an inspirational leader and your dreams will come true. Don’t just stand there like a mannequin because it might not get you anywhere in life; actually do something. So, will u be a good leader? Additionally, as well as just standing there, if you are patronising, wistful and selfish that’s a terrible leader to ever be, even to anyone who you don’t know.

What do you think a good leader should do? To be a good leader, think smartly about what you’re doing and make sure you don’t mess up. Make sure you know what is right from wrong because if you have a good business and you do something wrong, they could kick you out. You shouldn’t be in charge of your wimpy ways. Don’t be angry like a lion with a red tomato face.

We deeply care about happiness, being smooth and relaxing. We believe in listening to others, because if we show a lack of respect we will receive a lack of respect. We hope one day that you should not be filled with wickedness like a witch.