What the Young Pirates are saying about Barack Obama

Hussein’s Manifesto

Ladies and gentlemen, in Hackney Pirates we want to live where we don’t argue and are good at encouraging others to live in a better community.

We wish that one day Donald Trump would be enthusiastic about equality. Also, to be wise and to make fair choices within the community.

We care deeply about unity and including all people from all backgrounds, as they are hard-working as Albert Einstein.

We want nothing more than to persevere and to be confident like Barack Obama. We do not want to live in a negative society! We care deeply about improving our world to make it a better place to live in.

Sarayah’s Manifesto

We believe in people who never give up. We care deeply about people. We embrace every child and welcome them on board. We hope one day that people will get inspired by Hackney Pirates. Do you?

At Hackney Pirates we embrace hard work. We will show the world how intelligent Hackney Pirates are.

A leader that I admire is Serena Williams because she is an inspiration. Serena Williams is a careful, unique, inspiring person that gives inspiration to other people.

Serena Williams will never get upset if she loses in matches.

Serena Williams will never give up.

Another leader that I admire is Michelle Obama, because she is very graceful.

When I look at Michelle Obama she gives me hope for the world.

Michelle Obama will stand out in the crowd. In addition, Michelle Obama gives wonderful speeches that will move other people.

Ela’s Manifesto

We believe that we can be equal and not be an odd number. If we don’t, we won’t be a great leader like Theresa May and Barack Obama.

We want to live in a world where people don’t be rude to others, because being rude makes people not hard working as they will feel ignored and sad.

We hope one day we will be energetic and work hard together.

Here’s what we know for sure, that we have the ability to make others and ourselves better.

We embrace speaking in a way that lets people understand us.

We feed off helping others when needed because they will work harder in the future.

We care deeply about being creative with great ideas to make our country even better.

We will show the world that we are not being ignorant people.

We want nothing more than to be as fair as Spiderman.

James’ Manifesto

We want nothing more than to make Hackney great again. Telling everyone that technology is important to become as inspiring as Obama is wrong.

You should not care too much about money. Greedy scheming leaders think more about themselves than others. Shouldn’t we fight against this? Stop racism; encourage coloured people and white people to live in harmony. Stop being down right rude! Be respectful to the environment.

A stress free environment is necessary for a child’s education. An educated child is one step closer to a better future.

We believe in passionate, influential charities which make sure that children that are homeless or tormented are well fed and taken care of properly.

Metehan’s Manifesto

We do believe in leaders that listen carefully just like Barack Obama but are not as strict as dictators.

We want to live in an empathetic world.

In my opinion, leaders should care about every single, trustful person.

We feed off goodness, kindness, friendliness and respect in the world.

We want nothing more than living a good and respectful life for hope.

We want to rise up just like the sunrise.

Keajohon’s Manifesto

What is a good leader? Is it being selfish, greedy and negative? No! Importantly, this is not the way of a good leader. Do you know what makes a good leader? A good leader makes eye contact with their citizens to communicate, persuade and share ideas. Without a good leader the world would not make sense.

Betraying your country is bad leadership. Being greedy about money for yourself. Barack Obama gave all his money to Toybox (a charity for street kids). A good leader sets a good example for their people and has to be responsible for their mistakes.

Now tell me, are you a good leader? Reflect on your mistakes, fix your errors and when you’ve finished listening to this speech, ask yourself the question: Am I good leader or not?

Reecee’s Manifesto

We believe that we should have a religious and not an abusive or sexist leader in this world. We hope to one day choose our rights and keep that leader. An example of a good leader is Barack Obama and an example of a bad leader is Donald Trump. We care deeply about any abusive attack also we care about any help needed.

So we need a leader as noble as a lion, as dedicated as a lion’s cub. We don’t need a leader as threatening as lightening. Do you remember Mae Jemison? Was she the first humble African-American in space? If not search her and don’t forget her.

Ibrahim’s Manifesto

We want a world with freedom and we want a world with hope. We want a world with peace. We want a leader who is not racist about people’s skin colour. We want a leader who is innocent.

Have you ever been uninterested in your old modern leader? Do you still believe what your leaders tell you? However we want a leader who is not timid. We want a leader who is genius and intelligent as Galileo. We want a leader who is compassionate like Obama. We want a leader who is generous and we want a leader to be fascinating, fantastic and extraordinary like a large and enormous earth.

We all hope for a leader who is pensive, however they should think cautiously about the community. We believe in a leader who stands-up for the innocence of people. We all want a leader who is fantastic and fabulous and cares about other people with deep emotion.

Stella’s Manifesto

We hope one-day, we shall be brave and strong leaders.

Michelle Obama stuck up for equality. Don’t you agree? We as young leaders do not believe in bulling, sexism, racism and killing animals for no particular reason.

Our country will be as strong as steel because good leaders are as steady as stone.

Thank you for listening.                                

Gez’s Manifesto

Dear leaders,

You should not be bossy or sexist, racist, or discriminate. You should ask or think what the people want or need. Treat them how you would want to be treated. Do not make a decision straight away. If you boss people around when you don’t need to they will stop listening. You should always have a plan so you don’t fall off task. Make sure your speeches are not boring. You have to be a leader they want. You have to be dedicated and truthful, you want to be Barack Obama not Donald Trump. You want to get to know your people. If they want to change something and you disagree, you have to show them why.