What the Young Pirates are saying about Donald Trump

Yasmin’s Manifesto

OI! Leaders LISTEN UP!
We want nothing more than a great leader to be fair, to listen to others and to be themselves. We want to live in a world where leaders are fierce like lions and proud as kings. A bad leader should not lie, argue or be racist.
We know one person that is the worst leader: Donald Trump. He is the opposite of a kind leader. We know that he does not share and is not caring. He makes us angry with his words. We hope that this will change.
We will show the world how to be confident and kind. We believe that a bad leader will make up stories to become a leader. Do you believe that a great leader can do anything?
We hope that one day a great leader would do a great job!

Hussein’s Manifesto

Ladies and gentlemen, in Hackney Pirates we want to live where we don’t argue and are good at encouraging others to live in a better community.

We wish that one day Donald Trump would be enthusiastic about equality. Also, to be wise and to make fair choices within the community.

We care deeply about unity and including all people from all backgrounds, as they are hard-working as Albert Einstein.

We want nothing more than to persevere and to be confident like Barack Obama. We do not want to live in a negative society! We care deeply about improving our world to make it a better place to live in.

Cintia’s Manifesto

We care deeply about our environment. If we had the chance we would embrace the world around us and create a community that plants, trees and clean streets sparkle and shine.

We know for sure that Donald Trump is not the best leader when it comes to sharing and caring, but if we give him some time we hope he will change. Mark my words!

We hope to one day have computers that you can talk to and they will write your feelings down, as if you were telling a friend. It will be helpful because you can share your feelings if you are depressed.

Dogs. Well, dogs are a whole different subject. I think that the world would be a much better place if everyone had dogs. Well, that’s why they say dogs are man’s best friend

Christina’s Manifesto

We care deeply about a leader who ponders as deeply as the ocean. Why? Because if you say the wrong thing people will think it’s offensive. You don’t want people to be sad do you? 

Here’s what we know for sure – we don’t want a leader that is dishonest. Because if you tell lies and someone finds out they might be angry. We don’t want to live in a world where people lie like Donald Trump. 

We feed off asking questions because leaders need to ask questions. They need to ask questions to know what’s going on. 

We embrace kind, merry, fair, clear and brave leaders. We don’t want leaders that are grumpy, mean,selfish and scared. 

We hope one day to get rid of all leaders that are as threatening as a roaring lion, and as spiteful as a wicked witch.We care deeply about compassionate, friendly and jovial people.

Royal’s Manifesto

We embrace a caring heart but we do not believe in an ugly hearted person. We hope to one day look for a better leader, unlike Donald Trump. We care deeply about happiness which will help us to be brave. But leaders must care for themselves. We shall have soldiers who will be as courageous as a lion who hunts for food and a knight who fights the battle. Here’s what we know for sure, that we shall be happy for the kings because they are really lucky that they have been chosen to represent the world. We want nothing more.

Victor’s Manifesto


So you want to be a leader, hah? Well, let me tell you: being a leader is harder than you think.

You have to push your mates to work harder, you have to be just like me, cough, no! You have to not be selfish, to not be a hacker. Never fight, never be racist, like Donald Trump, hahaha got it? No? Okay then?

Therefore work every day for twenty-four hours so you can keep your country going.

You have to be shiny like the power source of our earth. Don’t be a thief, don’t commit crimes, and I promise you from the bottom of my heart that God will be with you.

Reecee’s Manifesto

We believe that we should have a religious and not an abusive or sexist leader in this world. We hope to one day choose our rights and keep that leader. An example of a good leader is Barack Obama and an example of a bad leader is Donald Trump. We care deeply about any abusive attack also we care about any help needed.

So we need a leader as noble as a lion, as dedicated as a lion’s cub. We don’t need a leader as threatening as lightening. Do you remember Mae Jemison? Was she the first humble African-American in space? If not search her and don’t forget her.

Niyat’s Manifesto

We believe in inspiring achievement. We will show the world respect, trust and inclusiveness. Don’t try too hard to be liked, because people will think that you’re jealous and showing off. We care deeply about admitting when you are wrong and correcting your errors. We want nothing more than to be careful and make people safe. We, as leaders, want to trust and respect you, our community. We want to live in a world where people don’t lie or cheat like Donald Trump. Don’t joke too much because it is a waste of time. We are strict but lenient too. We hope to one day achieve our goals together as a family, do you agree?

Ilsu’s Manifesto

We want to live in a world where there’s more love and less hate. So, when people are in danger our leaders will be there to help them.

We don’t want leaders who are dishonest and unfair. Here’s what we know for sure, good leaders never give up even when the problem seems too difficult to sort out. Instead they are resilient!

We want leaders who are as clever as Shakespeare and NOT as silly as Donald Trump. That man is so dim!!

We don’t want our leaders to be as angry as a storm cloud but as calm and peaceful as a quiet beach.

Hard-working, strong and respectful. That’s what we want from our leaders.

Gez’s Manifesto

Dear leaders,

You should not be bossy or sexist, racist, or discriminate. You should ask or think what the people want or need. Treat them how you would want to be treated. Do not make a decision straight away. If you boss people around when you don’t need to they will stop listening. You should always have a plan so you don’t fall off task. Make sure your speeches are not boring. You have to be a leader they want. You have to be dedicated and truthful, you want to be Barack Obama not Donald Trump. You want to get to know your people. If they want to change something and you disagree, you have to show them why.