What the Young Pirates are saying about Mahatma Gandhi

Ephraim’s Manifesto

We want our leaders to be kind, and helpful like a generous dolphin. We hope that, one day that our leader will rise up, and be respectful and caring to everyone. I believe and hope that our leaders will not be selfish, and they will help us in many different ways. We feed off our darkest days. When bad things happen that’s when we have bad leaders. But now we are looking into the future. Do you remember when Ghandi the great leader, made the world a better place by protesting in peace against the bad authority? So let’s come together and unite to make the world a better place, like where people never give up and keep trying no matter how hard the situation is. That’s the type of world I want to live in.

Amos’s Manifesto

We believe in righteous people. We will show the world that we deeply care about them, and hope to one day that the world will be as kind as a dolphin. We want to live in a world where wicked and selfish people will not be tolerated. Remember who Mahatma Ghandi is? He spread peace to both English people and the Indians. Who knows what people will do next!