What the Young Pirates are saying about the Hackney Pirates

Nesrin’s Manifesto

We will show the world how great we are. We all want to live in a world where it’s fair and equal. We want nothing more than to bring happiness because it’s about what you want, not just what we want; you guys have a say.

As a leader you should always care about the people you’re leading and never just about yourself. We feed off positive energy which makes us happy. We believe in seeing happy faces and not sad ones. Positive is always good.

We want a leader who we can say Hooray! to and not a leader that we say Boo! to. Would you like a leader that’s pompous and controlling ? They have to be as brave as a strong tiger and as adventurous as a pirate. We don’t want a leader that’s money hungry or a liar. We all want a leader that’s responsible and trustworthy. Every leader should be passionate and inspirational.

A leader should be respectful. Wouldn’t you like a leader that’s fair and caring? Honesty is the best policy. Always go with what you think is right. For example, Beyonce is a great leader because she has started her own company for children school supplies and because she has a child herself. Beyonce’s caring attitude is as inspirational as Hackney Pirates!